Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 61: St. Louis to Kansas City

247 miles; 4 hours 5 minutes

Today we crossed Missouri from St. Louis, which is on the border with Illinois, to Kansas City, located on the border with Kansas. The weather was gray and occasionally it thickened to fog or mist. The scenery was more of the same: trees and crops. It was so boring it was like sleep-driving.

When we got settled in our Holiday Inn Country Club Plaza, I did a couple of loads of wash and ate a mediocre salad at the hotel restaurant.

Dan got a taxi to Country Club Plaza to eat at Bo Ling's, his favorite restaurant in Kansas City. He said the new location was too trendy and expensive. He liked it better when it was undiscovered. He took the hotel shuttle down there but walked back. He said it was too far to walk.

This hotel is not in a convenient neighborhood, except for the fact that it is literally right across a narrow street from the Kemper Museum, which we plan to tour tomorrow.