Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 56: Morgantown to Lexington, KY

Although it doesn't get any dots, the highway from Morgantown through the mountains of West Virginia to Lexington, Kentucky is quite scenic.

The weather today was consistently hot and humid, but it went through a lot of changes. In the morning heavy mist gave the green trees a blue cast. Later there were some periods of fairly clear sunshine when the color was good, but there was also a thunder shower, and later, some tedious glare. The glare really hurts my eyes because I can't wear sunglasses when using the iPad mapper.

To add some excitement to the day, Dan got the idea we should have lunch at some place nice in Charleston. On the iPad I found a place called Tidewater Grill that made a big deal about having fresh Atlantic seafood. It was in the Capitol district. This shook up the navigation process, as the restaurant turned out to be in shopping mall. It was a novel situation for us, but Dan hung in and I figured it out.

The restaurant was a very classy place with well-dressed customers. We both had parmesan-encrusted sole; it was excellent. Our waitress was a girl of twenty who was very attentive; she said she is enrolled in an online university, studying to be an elementary school teacher.

The Tidewater Grill, Charleston, West Virginia
On the way back to the parking structure, we stopped at the Starbucks in the mall.

We're staying at a Holiday Inn, right next to the University of Kentucky. In the evening, I stayed in to wrap up some drafts of the blog. Dan had dinner at Ramsey's Diner. He liked it very much.